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- soccer has been and continues to be a primordial symbol of collective identity... tell me how you play and i'll tell you who you are. for many years soccer has been played in different styles, unique expressions of the personality of each people - 
- Eduardo Galeano -

Open a travel magazine and it speaks about art galleries, music, restaurants, bars. Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano saw the true spirit of a place in the way it responds to people kicking a ball.

Sure, football might not carry the same intellectual weight, but that's exactly why it is central to any culture. It's where the masses congregate. It's where societies mix and bubble and distil to their basest elements. Music never sent entire countries into raptures, or into mourning. No artist has ever caused strangers to explode in celebration and hug one another like lifelong friends. No cocktail menu has ever shaped the politics of a nation.

This blog will tell you about the places I go to - it is a travel blog. But it will also look at the world through a different prism. It will discover where the best football experiences in the world can be found. It will look at what football is to a place and its people.


Football tells us who we are. This is a blog about that.

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